Rear Leg Amputees



 Kobi has had no problems. The loss of the rear limb will generally cause the kitty to compensate by using the tail to achieve balance. The oncologist said to expect this and Kobi's tail is always pulled toward the right no matter if he's standing, sitting or sleeping.

Without the power and jumping ability of the right rear leg, Kobi has relied more heavily on his front legs, particularly his claws. It becomes very important to maintain good health and size of the front claws so that they don't get stuck or become torn.

We always have the vet check out his front claws, in particular, during check-ups. I've also noticed Kobi paying particular attention to his front claws - he seems to be biting, pulling at them a lot. Kobi has had no problem in the litter box and seems to be able to maintain his balance there. We did get rid of one of the carpeted "cat trees" that was about 5 feet high, as it wasn't clear that Kobi could pull himself up that far and we did not want to take any chances. Instead, we now have two 3 feet high cat perches that he can get up on very easily. One has a tilted ramp with sisal carpet, and Kobi can literally just walk right up it.

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