Duncan Donuts


    birthdate: 08/06/91

    Age when diagnosed:   13.5

    Date of diagnosis: 2/4/05

    Front Leg Left

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1. When did you notice the lump, what was the size and where was it located, was it low on the leg or higher - closer to your cat's body:   It was a quarter sized lump next to a dime sized lump next to a smaller lump in a line leading from his left shoulder to his mid-side.

2. When was kitty last vaccinated:  This is most likely from A rabies vaccine in March 1997 that was required for us to enter California. The ONLY other vaccine he has had was a distemper shot in April 2004. We don't generally vaccinate our cats.

3. How long did you wait to have the lump removed:  
Fine needle aspirate: 1/24/05
Biposy: 2/4/05
Amputation: 2/21/05    Lots of consults in between.

4. Was this your cat's first surgery for VAS: YES

5. Did you consult with a specialist or oncologist: We went to our vet, then a holistic vet, then a surgeon and an oncologist.

6. Who removed the lump (regular vet or surgeon): Surgeon, who was in constant communication with the oncologist.

7. How long did your cat stay at the vet's after surgery: 30 hours

8. Did you do anything special to prepare for your kitty's homecoming:   Extra Love! We bought lower kitty litter pans, which he didn't want to use. Other than that, he stayed on the bed with us and we moved him around until he could get up on his own, which was 2 days. We have a small house, so we felt a cage wouldn't be necessary.

9. Did your cat have any post-operative problems?   Not really. We're having trouble hydrating him with Sub Qs for his kidneys because he no longer has a scruff. So we have to give him half treatments. There is no where for the water to go under his skin.

10. What was your cat's adjustment period like:   He was confused at first, not understanding how to move. Then he was defiant. And every time he accomplished something he had the cutest look of success on his face. It took about 1 week for him to really jump up on stuff, 2 weeks to get comfortable, 4 weeks for his scar to heal and 8 weeks for his fur to really grow back in. He's walking much better at 9 weeks. He used to really hop more.

11. How is your kitty now:  He has a new lease on life. He has more energy than he had even before the surgery. He's very lovey. And he's back to doing everything he did before.

12. Please add any other information that you think would be helpful to future tripod owners or anything else that you'd like to tell people about your kitty:   Our other cat Paxton was suspicious for a few weeks. He hated the smell and he knew Duncan walked funny. Now Paxton has adapted some of Duncan's tricks such as meowing to be picked up and placed on a high counter. He knows Duncan gets extra attention and he wants in on the action!

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